Here I show some netsuke  that I carved and gave to a very enthusiastic german collector.


A little cat,

movable head,

fan in her hand,

walks out into the land.

A mole , made of black horn.

A birdshead of staghorn. Signed with my seal.

I like menuki, especially single ones.

Here I carved netsuke using the old

metal parts.

I took staghorn, ebony, boxwood, teeth etc.

A kappa on a clamshell. His foot caught in the shell.

Boxwood with inlay.    2018

A blowfish with the head of an oni, boxwood.

I call him Blowni.     2017


A kappa mask of massiv silver and a complete zodiac

of boxwood. I will carve a new zodiac for my collection.

I hope so.!.

A blossom made of massiv bamboo and a manju with

an iron plate, made by Stella Banduhn.

A sagemono of a treemushroom.

Netsuke and ojime of bamboo.

I love to carve insects. Here the classic wasp in a pear.

This four staghorn netsuke are the biginning of a


Oktopus of ebony with red laquer and inlaid eyes.

Inspirde by a netsuke from Mr. Bushell.

Staghorn shark, I like to take this antler parts to

create fishes. 2017

Lucky sparrow and rooftile. Both made of staghorn.

I use my seal for staghorn netsuke.


The bat is of wood with some red laquer. The flying bat

is made of a great piece of stagantler.

Should not have sold it. It´s too good.