Oktopus, staghorn.

Ex Coll Hanns Jatzlau


Signed : Carved by Harald Hayen in japanese style. Inhabitant of Oldenburg.

A Soken Kisho kirin style netsuke.

In Russia

From 1980, a frog of boxwood with amber eyes in a

coat of ebony.

Ex.coll. Hanns Jatzlau



Mom and child bat.



A rotten pear , now in a japanese collection. Boxwood.

Carved in 2018. Signed Kosai.






Ebony bat.


both bats and blossoms below in japanese coll. .

Boxwood rat.

Collection in Hamburg.


I did not think, that  carving a coiled rat is so difficult.

I did not succeed till today, but will try a next one



Kirin of boxwood

Coll. Ko Baas