I carved this long cucumber of boxwood with a wasp in a hollow on one side und a slug sitting under the leave.

Signed HAKO.  Carved in 2017

Another cucumber with a centipede crawling over it.  Carved of boxwood with ukibori pimples and leaves.

A lotusnetsuke, that I carved for Mr. Laudenbach, but he did not like it. So I keep this beauty for myself. Carved it in 2001.


Three blossoms carved in the 1990s. Peony of boxwood and ivory. Chrysanthemum flower, nice big , carved of boxwood

as well. My favourite is a troll flower carved of bamboo. A very nice material. Signed HA.

Three boxwood netsuke. A pear from the 1990s with a maggot of ivory. Ukibori.

A kappa sitting on a clam. he is clever and did not let the clam catch his foot.

So he is showing his coral tongue. Eyes stag, "water" of mop.

A crouching puppy doing his "business". Eyes inlaid.

Two netsuke that I got from W.C.Müller:

An ivory manju with an ebony shishi, eyes of mop and horn. Early 19th.

A big mask, ebony, formerly in the collection of Hanns Jatzlau. Early 19th.

An ebony toad with inlaid following eyes. Signed HAKO, 2018.

This piece of antler looked like an eel and remained one.

Simple, but nice to handle.

I love tanuki.  Here we have an ebony tanuki with red eyes, cause he is coming out of the hot pot. Silver ring, boxwood

knob on the lid. Burning pieces of wood underneath. Signed HAKO. A mid 19th century tanuki made by WAHEI.

The third one is the first bambuku chagama that I made of iron with silver lid and rings. Signed HAYEN

I carved this nice long dragon from a piece of antler, there was a curve in the antler, allowing me to carve the head and horn.

Signed with my seal.  2017.







I got this piece of wood from W.C.Müller, who made simple but powerful netsuke from such materials. It is nearly

white on the revers. I added a menuki and three silver ants. It is a nice scepter. Two toned wood, I love that.

A 19th century hirado gama sennin left and another

hirado tsuru sennin in very fine quality on the right side.

The shoki oni group is a copy of an old netsuke that is carved in ivory.

I did my wooden shoki in a bigger version with some pigments .