I like to carve elongated netsuke, like cucumber or bamboo etc.

Not for sale, just my own collection.

I carved this long cucumber of boxwood with a wasp in a hollow on one side und a slug sitting under the leave.

Signed HAKO.  Carved in 2017

Another cucumber with a centipede crawling over it.  Carved of boxwood with ukibori pimples and leaves.

A boxwood cucumber with the map of Japan and a maggot , 18 cm long.

Boxwood cucumber with a lizard crawling over the end.

A pipecase.

I changed a pipecase into the form of a tanto.

Made a silver ojime and silver "swordfittings".

Old menuki and kanagu.

I carved this nice long dragon from a piece of antler, there was a curve in the antler, allowing me to carve the head and horn.

Signed with my seal.  2017.

Old tobaccopouch with kiseruzutsu and kiseru.

A kanagu of boxwood, 10,5cm long with

Kappa sitting at a cucumber.

A stockrose blossom.

Made of a whaletooth.

The only netsuke in this material I have .

A 6cm pear , made of the wood of a pear tree.Signed Hako.

A wasp sitting in a squash. Carved in ivory. Signed with my seal.

Little bat sitting in a pear.


Here I made my first wasppear in staghorn.

With ukibori pimples !!!!!!

A rotten boxwood apple.

An early pear, that I carved in the 90s and got back from the collector now.

I carved about fifty pear netsuke till today.

Two boarstusk netsuke.

Oni lies in my favourite position.

My name is Ashinaga and

my pet is an oktopus.