Boarstusk with a reclining Oni,

matching tobaccopouch with a boxwood


Original tobacco inside.





11cm long, 100grams .

Two toned ebony, inlaid eyes.


A sumo netsuke .











Shoki Oni. 10 cm.

Light wood with pigments.

Two staghorn manju with inlaid menuki.

Two toned ebony clam.

A clam menuki and a shakudo shell menuki from the

Goto school.


Boarstusk with ebony end.

Silver moon and a crane menuki.


Below :  An oni of boxwood.

A Tengu menuki in two toned ebony.

15cm cucumber of boxwood.

Typical model.



Above and right : Manju of wenge with old menuki.

I made kagamibuta plates of the faces.



Below is a negoro oktopus signed Hako.

And a little Tiger Ojime of boxwood.

Oktopus and bat of wood with laquer.


Boxwood mask with  milkteeth

of my daughters.


It´s a dove, I have never seen one before as a menuki.

Ebony and laquer.