Welcome to my website

My name is Harald Hayen, my artist name is Hako. That is `Ha`from Hayen and `Ko`from my favourite carver Minko. I live in the northern part of Germany. I am carving netsuke since 1975 and did about  1500 pieces till today.  My dear friend

Mr. Helmuth Laudenbach was at my side for over 30 years and told me a lot about netsuke. I worked as a netsuke - dealer

from 1978 to 2003, sold antique pieces and made many netsuke in comission to complete first class inro. The last 14 years  I worked as a goldsmith and there was no power left for carving.


Now I am carving as a hobby for myself only. I have a great love for ojime too and will try to present my new work on

this website. I decided to present my little collection including the antique stuff I have.

This is , what I like.


STARTING THIS SITE - netsuke.de - ON FEBRUARY 1 , 2017

Here is my latest carving :

An apple made of fruitwood.

1979 in Oldenburg.

Picture taken by Michael Schroeder.


Norderney. (Alcatrace)